Available courses

How to create an effective and professional resume that highlights skills, achievements, and relevant experience.

Training on how to participate effectively in group discussions and showcase leadership qualities.

Specialized training based on the industry or sector the graduate intends to enter.

Writing professional emails, reports, and other workplace communication.

Basic knowledge of personal finance, salary negotiations, and managing money after securing a job.

How to build and leverage professional networks for job opportunities and career growth.

Practical exercises to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Techniques to handle stress during the job search and in the workplace.

Simulating aptitude tests and reasoning assessments to help graduates get familiar with the format and improve their scores.

Practice sessions where graduates go through simulated job interviews to receive feedback and improve their performance.

Techniques for handling different types of interviews, common interview questions, and how to present oneself confidently.

Learning workplace etiquette, professional behavior, and office culture.

How to build a personal brand, including online presence, networking, and using social media professionally.

Understanding the current job market trends, various industries, and career opportunities available for college graduates.

Brushing up on programming languages and coding challenges commonly used in technical interviews.

Upgrading and enhancing knowledge in specific technical domains related to the graduate's field of study.

Preparation for aptitude tests and logical reasoning assessments conducted by companies during the hiring process.

Training on interpersonal skills, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, time management, and emotional intelligence.

Developing verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking, email etiquette, and effective communication in the workplace.

Understanding the importance of ethical behavior and integrity in the workplace.